Find someone online

Finding someone you’ve lost touch with is not always a straight forward or easy thing to do. Some change their last names through marriage, others move to a different city or country, and some are just difficult to find. There is hope however, as the internet has opened up many new pathways for finding old friends.

Whilst it is easier than ever before to find people, it’s not always possible to do so with just a few basic searches. This is why People Searches NZ was born. This site goes beyond the basic search, and offers you a range of different approaches and searches you can try.

People Search Information and articles throughout the site may also provide an insight to searching and assist you with your own searches.

A People Finder Forum is also available so that you can become pro-active with your search. Post messages of whom you are seeking, or make it easier for others to find you. You may even receive assistance from other members of the online community here at People Searches.

If you searching for someone in New Zealand, or even overseas, think People Searches NZ. We’re here to help.

Good luck with your search.