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Burnham, Canterbury, New Zealand
New Zealand

I’m looking for my cousin Karl Aurbry? Anderson my name is Tania Kristina Collier (nee Shaw)

Pukekohe, New Zealand
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India


Auckland, New Zealand

Wanting the physical address for Jamie Logan who lives in Auckland. His mobile is   021 413 229 and his wifes name is Joanna Keane witha email of joannaKeane@gmail.com.

Can you please assist. Thanks


New Zealand
Mascot NSW, Australia

I’m looking for Helen (formerly?) Malcolm. Originally from Skeet Road PO Box 15, Hawera, Taranaki New Zealand. We worked together with our house manager Katrina (and others working for Windgap) at McCullough House, Mascot, Sydney in – I think – 1992-93. We were care workers, working with Nick, Carl, Diana and Chrissie. It was a great year! I would like to say hello  – find out how the last 30 years (!) have been. And apologise for being so useless at staying in touch.

Auckland, New Zealand

I am looking for my biological relation John (Johnny) Logan he was born in Scotland around 1927 it is alleged that he was either a family secret to a young mother and father and adopted out or perhaps given to other family members or also alleged his parents were killed in some War and he came from Scotland to to live in New Zealand when he was aged 10 or so, not sure if he was accompanied by any of his biological relations or just as an orphan child. Perhaps he was placed in orphanages in New Zealand throughout his childhood/teenage years. He has DNA tested relations linking the two children mentioned below who have had DNA tests also to these following one set of Great Grandparents JAMES LOGAN 1859-1915 ANGUS,DUNDEE, SCOTLAND, AND HIS WIFE MARY ANN CAMPBELL 1859 IRELAND……With DNA family lines and marriages with these surnames in U.K. AND IN THE USA DATING FROM 1800-2021 **STRONG DNA LINES TO THESE FIRST 3 FAMILY LINES *LOGAN, *CAMPBELL, *MINNOCK, also family DNA lines/surnames to DONECHIE, HEIMS, SMITH, MCGUIRE, CUNNINGHAM, MCGAHERAN, AITKEN, FINNIGEN, KENNEDY, LUKEY, ROSS, MAINES, MCCLOSKEY, CAINS, SHAVE, CONLAN, POFAL, GENERALLO, LEE, HERMAN, PRETE, SANGSTER, LASANTA, ORGO, FRAKER, KILFOYLE, MEIKLEJOHN, ROSSI, ELLIOT, CROSSAN,FITZGERALD, LUNDAY, FERGUSSON, HULZMULLER, FRASER, MCCRAW,  John Logan he fathered a son with a Lady who lived in Otara South Auckland in 1963 resulting in child/son being adopted and then John Logan fathered another child a daughter to another Auckland woman in 1969 this daughter was not adopted she was raised by biological mother and her husband the man everyone believed was the biological father **IMPORTANT TO NOTE **THAT JOHN LOGAN HE MAY OR MAY NOT OF KNOWN OF THE EXSISTANCE OR OF THE BIRTHS OF THESE CHILDREN** It is not known by me if John Logan fathered any other children in New Zealand or anywhere else in the world.

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