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Reasons for searching for birth parents or relatives are varied and many and include finding answers as to why, medical history and to connect and learn. There are a number of steps to the adoption search process and a reunion may not always be the purpose. One of the first things you should do is to obtain a copy of your original birth certificate. In New Zealand this is available to anyone 20 years and over . You may also access and adoption records held by CYF.

Note: Before you begin, be sure that you are emotionally and psychologically ready. Consider all the types of information and responses an adopted person may receive and that you are ready for any. Adopted persons groups may provide excellent support.

Find members of your birth family with these informative and useful tools.

People Searches provides a Free Adoption Registry for New Zealand.

Information on the first steps you can take to find out your birth family details. Details are pr...
Details on how to obtain an original copy of your birth certificate that shows your birth parents...
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