PeopleSearches has moved

New Domain, New Website

Back in 2009, People Searches was developed to help assist New Zealanders looking for lost friends, family and military buddies. Now 6 years on there’s been a few changes.

We’ve dropped the .co from our domain, so you’ll now find us at It’s shorter, less typing, and easier to remember. We’ve also just launched our new mobile and device ready website, so no matter what platform you use the site will look and respond accordingly.

All the old favourites are back including the registry, where you can actively take steps to finding somebody. Search, register, follow, share, there’s a lot of options you can utilise to help promote the word.

Our resource section has been expanded to cover a lot more tools and options you may find useful in your search. We are also adding a series of articles from experts and those highly experienced in online people search and gathering information through the net.

So welcome to the all new People Searches NZ, we hope you find the site useful, but more importantly we hope it helps you in your search.