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christchurch nz
Dunedin, New Zealand
Hi I am looking for my brother who was adopted at 13 months old , his date of birth I have is 4th...
Glenfield, Auckland, New Zealand
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India
At at wedding between my aunty Yvonne Cusack and Stephen Franklyn ..At and address in Meadow st in Papanui Chch
Mairehau, Christchurch, New Zealand
Palmerston North Hospital
Looking for a daughter born on 30 April, 1977 in Palmerston North hospital.
Lower Hutt, New Zealand
Mother of baby boy placed for adoption January 1973  
Wellington, New Zealand
Pukekohe, New Zealand
New Zealand
I’m looking for my cousin Karl Aurbry? Anderson my name is Tania Kristina Collier (nee Shaw)
7 Waterloo Rd, Silverdale, New Zealand
300 Great North Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand
Hi, I am looking for a Friend whom lived with us and was a tremendous Friend when we were young a...
Eltham, New Zealand
Looking for father of my oldest brother.  Mother had a brief relationship with him in 1950/51.  B...
Hamilton, New Zealand
Auckland, New Zealand
Auckland, New Zealand
Barbara Cook nee Smith born 16th January 1951
Rotorua, New Zealand
Wallace lived in Hamilton in the 80s and was married to Marge where I met them while I was at Tea...
Christchurch, New Zealand
I am searching for a female family member, born February 14th, 1962, to Betty Ann Johnston. Born ...
New Zealand
I am.looking for my friends birth father. Her birth mothers name is Christine Murray and she resi...
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