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Resources useful for locating members of your birth family.


Find people in places outside of New Zealand.

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Lookup telephone numbers, residential addresses, codes, ..

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Company, business and financial records checks.

Missing Persons

Official and unofficial missing persons information.

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Private and public record sources relating to individuals.

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Fee based and social services to assist you with locating someone.

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Find old school friends and staff of educational institutions.

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People Search New Zealand

Welcome to People Searches NZ. We are here to help you find and reconnect with people that are missing. Whether you are searching for an old friend, someone from school, or a family member, there is tools to assist. We go beyond the simple social media and search engines, and onto resources useful when someone is hard to find.

You’ll find many different ways of finding someone in New Zealand as well as useful international sources. Taking the information you already have at your disposal, use that knowledge to approach your search in a practical manner. If they work in a trade or profession, start by checking trade licences and association memberships. If you are searching for an email address or phone number, try the respective sections. We make every effort to ensure there are as many free people search tools at your disposal.

We have also included a free people search registry to help reconnect. It’s free to list and free to browse.