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About PeopleSearches.nz

People Searches is an online portal and registry that assists in helping locate and find individuals throughout New Zealand. Whether you’re looking to reconnect with members of your birth family, old military buddies, school friends or anyone else, we have the tools and the resources to help you do just that.

..helping locate and find individuals throughout New Zealand

The People Finder Register is where you can get active with your search. It may be used in 3 ways; by searching the Registry, browsing it by category, or adding details of all those you would like to find.

We also have a collection of searches and tools that may be useful for you in finding someone. Ranging from social network name tools right through to lesser known and utilised records, there are many ways of conducting lookups and we have a large assortment to try.

We also house articles and news to keep you up to date and informed.


Originally established in 2009, the site has undergone a domain change, dropping the .co.nz for the shorter .nz. In 2015 we also underwent a large site overhaul introducing a new style structured Register and the addition of more useful tools.


PeopleSearches.nz is part of Net-Trace, an online publishing group run by a former investigator. 6 years before Facebook began, the Net-Trace group of sites were helping people across the globe to reconnect.. and now we hope we can do the same for you.. Good luck with your search.