Phone and Address Search

When you want to perform a phone and address search on somebody in New Zealand, these resources may be the ticket. Using a name, you can lookup their location and number. These are the digital equivalent of the old fashioned paper phone book, but with a modern twist. This style of directory used to be one of the starting points when looking for people. However, with the uptake in mobile phones and less landlines listed, these become less reliable as each year passes. Still worth a search though as a large number of the adult population can still be found this way.

  • Think outside the box. Instead of just searching for a person, also consider who they may be living with. Friends? Partners? Family? Run a search on these people if you can’t find them directly.
Search telephone listings by name, address or phone number. You may also browse alphabetically.
New Zealand residential telephone directory. Provides a Who? Where? search.
New Zealand business telephone directory. Searchable by business type or name as well as location...
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